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I’ve Got This

So it’s a new week at Debo’s Kitchen.  This last week I went to work to find that my three door freezer was down/not working/kaput/inoperative/dead/not good…oh not good.  I was calm at first, then it hit me.  What does this mean?  All soups, all sauces for lasagnas and pot pies, all quiche for coffee shops,…

A Lifetime Journey

Weight loss has been a lifetime journey for me.  I was overweight as a preteen. When I was 13 years old I joined my parents on a “diet”.  It was on that diet that I learned to eat better.  We ate fish, chicken, salad, vegetables, etc.  I lost 40 pounds that year going from 195…

Debo's Kitchen will be CLOSED for three weeks from JULY 9-30 for a Summer Break. We look forward to serving you when we return.