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Summer Schedule 2016

Hey Y’all. Place your orders by Sunday, June 26th for the NEXT available…pick up your FOURTH OF JULY order @ The Ooltewah Farmers Market @ THE Ooltewah Nursery, Thursday, June 30th from 3:00-6:00 PM.  Delivery available that week for orders greater than $50. Our next REGULAR scheduled DELIVERY date is Thursday, July 7th. WE ARE…



Just a reminder of our upcoming schedule for JUNE We will deliver WEDNESDAY, June 22nd and not be at the Ooltewah Farmers Market that Thursday. If you are wanting CHEESES,CHICKEN SALAD or GAZPACHO for your FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION We will be CLOSED for deliveries Thursday, June 30th, but WE WILL be at the Ooltewah Nursery’s…

Soups On and Cheese too

pictured is our Tomato Dill Soup…order some 🙂 This week we are DELIVERING on WEDNESDAY 🙂 Gazpacho is ON HOLD this week…we will probably alternate it biweekly this Spring/Summer. It will return next week. We have a new cheese on the menu…Smoky Pepper Cheese…a pimento style cheese, but no pimentos…order some and let us know…

Eight Versions and SOUPS

Please place your order TODAY for the Lasagnas available this week. Beef Lasagna and Roasted Ratatouille Vegetable Lasagna available with these options: *Fresh Gluten Free Pasta *Traditional Pasta *Thin Vegetable Layers instead of Pasta *Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Boats SOUPS that will be are available as well: Chock-Full SHITAKE Soup (Vegan and gluten free) Tomato Florentine…

Turkey Meatball Pesto Extravaganza…SOUP

It sounds like a party in my mouth. I am Super excited about creating this new one. I hope you will order and enjoy it too! ALSO…we’ve added Debo’s Cream of Chicken Soup to the menu. Of course, no preservatives and it is gluten free unlike the “leading brand from the can”. Great to serve…

How Some Do

How do I order?  What’s on your menu?  I get all kinds of questions.  For those that figure out how ‘Debo’s Kitchen’ works…it’s great for them. The clipping in the picture above is from one of my weekly customers.  This is how she likes to make requests.  I puree for her.  She cannot swallow whole…

One More Hour

This Wednesday, December 23rd is our last delivery for this year. There is one more hour to please place your orders by 2:00 PM today for our last delivery of 2015. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from My Family to Yours!

Holiday Deliveries

Please remember we are closed for this Thursdays delivery, but will reopen for one last CHRISTMAS delivery on Wednesday, December 23rd. Please go ahead and place your orders for that Wednesday Christmas Delivery. We will make Special Holiday Wrapped deliveries FOR YOU. Please place that order separately from your own: 1.For the delivery fee 2.For…

This Week

Please place your orders by today at NOON for this Thursdays delivery.  Remember we are closed next week, the week  Then our next delivery date is CHRISTMAS delivery on Wednesday, December 23rd. Some of our cheeses and chicken salad are ON SALE.

Gift Certificates

Hey y’all.  Give the gift of Debo’s Kitchen.  We have gift certificates available now.  They are available in the amounts of $25.00, $50.00 & $100.00.  Just add it to your shopping cart and fill in the recipients information and we will send it that way.

Debo's Kitchen will be CLOSED for three weeks from JULY 9-30 for a Summer Break. We look forward to serving you when we return.