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today :)

Good Morning Y’all! Our Gazpacho and our Classic Chicken Noodle Soups are back on the menu. Please place your orders by NOON today. THANK YOU!

Soups On and Cheese too

pictured is our Tomato Dill Soup…order some 🙂 This week we are DELIVERING on WEDNESDAY 🙂 Gazpacho is ON HOLD this week…we will probably alternate it biweekly this Spring/Summer. It will return next week. We have a new cheese on the menu…Smoky Pepper Cheese…a pimento style cheese, but no pimentos…order some and let us know…


Gazpacho too

Gazpacho is back. For now the tomatoes are coming from Dayton, but as soon as they’re ready we will be trading for more local ones from fellow farmers at the Ooltewah Nursery’s Farmer’s Market.

Radish Soup

Yep, that’s what I said…”Radish Soup”. We always concentrate on smaller batches, but this one will be extra small so please order NOW to be sure you get to try this soup. At The Ooltewah Nursery’s Farmer’s Market last week we gathered three different varieties of radishes from a couple of different farms and Milk…

Eight Versions and SOUPS

Please place your order TODAY for the Lasagnas available this week. Beef Lasagna and Roasted Ratatouille Vegetable Lasagna available with these options: *Fresh Gluten Free Pasta *Traditional Pasta *Thin Vegetable Layers instead of Pasta *Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Boats SOUPS that will be are available as well: Chock-Full SHITAKE Soup (Vegan and gluten free) Tomato Florentine…

Our Lasagnas

SMASH OF THE WEEK: Our lasagnas…Roasted Ratatouille Vegetable Lasagna and Beef Lasagna. Available with fresh gluten free pasta and traditional pasta. Remember to order enough to stock your freezer for a few weeks. XOXO


Howdy Folks. We are working on streamlining a bit. We are working towards operating the way we did in the beginning in 2008…yes, it’s been that long 🙂 What has happened: Our customer base has grown 🙂 and that’s a GREAT thing, THANK YOU. What we are doing differently: Well you know we like to…

colcannon and corned beef

St. Patricks Day Special

Please get your orders in by midnight this SUNDAY for delivery this next Thursday, March 17th…It’s St. Patrick’s Day and we have a SPECIAL to suit the occasion 🙂 This is our last delivery before we are CLOSED the week of Monday, March 21st for Spring Break with the kiddos. It’s COLCANNON AND CORNED BEEF…

Turkey Meatball Pesto Extravaganza…SOUP

It sounds like a party in my mouth. I am Super excited about creating this new one. I hope you will order and enjoy it too! ALSO…we’ve added Debo’s Cream of Chicken Soup to the menu. Of course, no preservatives and it is gluten free unlike the “leading brand from the can”. Great to serve…

Classic Southern Chicken & Rice Casserole

That’s the special this week.  On the menu this week only.  ORDER EXTRA to keep in your freezer to take to a friend in that time of need. Creamy Chicken Mixture with chunks of chicken and a thin layer of White Jasmine Rice throughout.

Debo's Kitchen will be CLOSED for three weeks from JULY 9-30 for a Summer Break. We look forward to serving you when we return.