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black bean burger

Black Bean Burgers


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Product Description

Debo’s Vegan Black Bean Burgers are like no other. In the retail market for well over a decade, Debo’s Vegan Black Bean Burgers have proven local customer satisfaction.

Black beans are transformed into a meatless and VEGAN burger that is known to satisfy even the greatest of appetites. Its low fat and high fiber content make it a burger to last you through your entire work day. Debo has taken the perfect blend of black beans, onions, garlic, and spices to create this uniquely delicious epicurean treat.

Debo’s Vegan Black Bean Burgers unique and delicious flavor are perfectly enhanced by a healthy dab of our Cilantro Spread– try it, you’ll love it!

Our Vegan Burgers are now GLUTEN FREE and SOY FREE!

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One pack (4 burgers), 4 packs (16 burgers), 8 packs (32 burgers), 16 packs (64 burgers)

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